Tomasz Ł

The Cave

When we were kids, we all imagined our dream job or workspace. But as it is great to dream, it is even better to make and watch your dreams come true – in reality. In an attempt to make my dream workspace a reality, The Cave project came to life. It is very much different from what I usually do, but I live the dream ever since.

Early days

I started to care about my work environment when I was a teen living with parents, and I began to use up more and more space in the context of my musical activity. Piano, other keys, recording and playback gear, computer setup – it all had to be fitted into space I had available, and not a square centimeter more. The early days were not too impressive, as it was around 16 years ago. Times were different, and so was the technology.

Few more attempts

Over the years, I lived in multiple places, but I always had this urge to keep my environment creatively taken care of. At different life stages (both professional and personal), I had specific housing conditions, and I always did my best to use them in favor of my needs.
Over the years, my needs grew, and the time has come to get an apartment on my own, where virtually – sky (ceiling) is the limit, and I could perform any modifications I would require for my purpose.


Today I have this very own space I like to call The Cave. I created most of the stuff on my own or designed to be manufactured according to my project. This includes dry building, soundproofing, powering, furniture, lighting, automation system, and more.
I spend most of my creative time in The Cave, so it needs to work well as an office, studio, conference room, but sometimes as a gym as well. I am not saying it is perfect, but I do increment my idea regularly to get better each time.

The future

I have at least a few more ideas to implement to The Cave, and I am ready to get them done soon (as always, time is an essential factor here), such as building a new ceiling with perforated acoustic drywalls and with a new lighting design. I needed to figure out a few issues around inaAmbient and inaPixel projects first, using them with my new idea. The issues are already solved, and I adapted the problematic powering design to the new findings. Right now, I look forward to a free weekend to get the manual job done.

The next step would probably be building a house to make space for The Cave 2.0… And it definitely will be, but for now, let’s have one more look into the past.
26 Jul, 2020
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