Tomasz Ł

Introduction to me

It has been a few days since I got most of the technology needed for this project done. As an engineer, I felt this urge to release and prove or refuse the concept, but I understood that this project is much more about than the technology alone. This project / website / business card / music repo / blog / <you_name_it> required much more than just coding, and I feel I took no shortcuts there, so for the sake of consistency, I decided to take the same path when it came to writing (not coding) the actual message I would like to spread. So, there I took – a few days off from the project to slow down and set myself in a proper mood, and a block of paper with pencil and rubber to reflect my thoughts in abstraction to the technology.
At this point, you might be confused about how the above words should make an introduction to the About Me section of my personal page? They should not. They are just setting a context, so I can explain why I would even bother writing at least a few pages about myself. You already know that I am an engineer (you trust engineers, don't you?). Such a website comes in handy when I am occasionally looking for new partners or clients or looking for me. It is an excellent addition to a CV (or rather – a replacement) and technical skills proof. It might not yet be clear to you how this relatively simple website could prove myself as an engineer, then please be sure to check the project's technical side here.
However, the above is only a sweet side effect of what I wanted to achieve. It is the benefit of the form I have chosen for the project. My actual need for this to come true was my life's dynamics – both professional and private. I am very passionate about what I am doing, but it comes and goes so fast, so I needed my very own space where I could capture the moment. If this sounds too romantic for you, replace the word "moment" with "experience." Summing up – I capture my experience and make it available to you
Let's focus on the "I" part of the above statement for a second. If you check out my domain extension, you will find it to be "IO," where "O" stands for "output," and "I" stands for "input." I am trying to say here that I try to capture the output in this humble space I have created, but most importantly – the input. For this purpose, I use videos, images, music, code, and as it turns out (from now on) – human-readable words. This "IO" thing lately became a symbol for me, so it inspired me to work with some musical concept from the past few years, which I named, well… IO (to be presented under Rev0n alias). That is the part where, aside from engineering, I produce music. For pleasure. 
I do many more things, and I could make this introduction even more unnecessarily long. Still, I just wanted to justify why I would bother to write multiple pages about myself. I could leave you like that, but I should explain the "Indigo mind" thing for this introduction to be complete. If you look closely at certain aspects of my performance (both professional and personal), you will probably notice that things are going quite fast. There is a reason for that, and this is my way of acknowledging that fact. This is who I am. If this is not satisfying your curiosity (I hope not), you can read more about that here. All of the above should get you started, so you can decide whether the next pages are worth your time. Anyway – I am glad about what you have spent so far. 
If you just accidentally scrolled to the bottom of the page without reading the whole thing, let me make a long story short for you: Hello, I am Tomek. I am an engineer, a music producer, and an Indigo mind.