Tomasz Ł

Introduction to my music

Each of my creations and activities has this emotional and personal aspect. However, my music is as personal as it gets, and I always used it to capture my emotions – some images in my head that are hard to describe with words only, yet easy to render in the form of a soundscape.
I do not quite remember how I “discovered” music. I must be relatively young then, though, as I went to a Primary Music School playing piano at 8. About two years later, I was already playing but composing as well, and another year later, my first production came to life. I am not saying it was anywhere near impressive, but it was mine. And it still is. I make music for myself. I feel it helps me when the world tries to turn me down, and it always lifts me up. It lets me hear myself when I cannot hear anything anymore.
It would typically do as per the introduction, but let me put you through some basics behind my naming convention (as I had to introduce one) for my projects and its means. Long story short – at this point, I would be using two aliases, each for a different genre.
Synthetic Substance is the one that has been there like forever. It has already been 15 years since I started using it, and since then, I am unable to describe the actual genre. It fits into the concept behind the name, where the name itself in a single word would probably mean a “mixture” (and is not anyhow related to drugs, as I have been asked about that at least a couple of times). I never really needed to describe my genre, and the name was to somehow manifest it. I wanted to combine, synthesize sounds, and genres to fulfill my creative needs. And this synthetic substance (lower case intended) I got, as a result, turned out to be the most natural and emotional it ever gets. 
Rev0n, however, is much more technical / EDM sound. It came quite recently as, after a long break from music production, I started to discover my production tools and technologies again. As it required me (and still requires as it is rather a process than an event) to get more technical with music, I saw the opportunity to produce more upbeat material. It felt reasonable to separate the results of such technical studio sessions from Synthetic Substance project as it might lead to listeners’ confusion due to fundamental differences in production styling.
As mentioned before – I make music for myself. If you enjoy it – I am glad. I do not commercially release it, but I do not know where the future takes me. No matter how the future will turn out to be, I will never see music as making my living, but rather as a thing worth living for.