Tomasz Ł

Introduction to my projects

Despite my many passions, wide-understood technology is what drives me. I design and implement software, work with hardware on a lower level, coordinate development, and deploy final solutions. I do not limit myself to the technologies the IT industry has to offer, as you may notice even some construction project(s) in my portfolio. 
Here, I will try to give you a taste of what I do while explaining a bit of the logic behind my choices around different problems and their solutions. It is pretty much my technical side. However, I will try to make it not too technical (meaning I will not be attaching any code samples, for now), as, at this point, it is hard for me to predict the recipients’ needs. I plan to adapt my content and functionality following the visitors’ demands. For now, I do not want to “scare” visitors with a too technical approach across this section, as strictly technical content (containing code examples, etc.) I plan to cover under the appropriate category in the blog. Topics presented here should be interpreted in terms of inspiration, and for my partners – as a portfolio. Please have in mind that the presented projects are only a fraction of what I do, both privately and commercially. I decided to show some of my latest / most important / significant bits.
I will do my best to keep this section up to date, as certain projects are still ongoing and evolving. This evolution and input to it is something I wanted to capture (I tried to achieve this with vGist functionality concept, for instance). And it seems that ideas keep coming to my head, so you can expect to see some new items on the “menu” (literally and figuratively) once in a while. Enjoy!