Tomasz Ł

Open Your Eyes

I do not even know where to begin with… This album happened in 2008, and I feel it happening since then. It is a full story of the events I went through back then, and I think that telling this story in the form of the Open Your Eyes album was one of the most fundamental experiences of my life, but that made me who I am today. I had the opportunity to tell this story with the help of some incredible people and ultimately decided to keep it to myself as I never really felt that the album is done.
I will not describe the story, neither the music for you – you will need to listen for yourself if you will, but I can indeed present you with the people that contributed to the project. Vocals are a crucial part of the album, and in the role of my main narrator, awesome Patrycja Kowalska appeared (Open Your Eyes, Insanity, More Of You, etc.). I will always remember countless hours in the studio until late at night (leaving my parents sleepless as I had my studio next to their bedroom). Our unhealthy catering, tons of laughter, and the sound of us singing Close Your Eyes breaking through the night on the dark staircase of the block she was living right after we recorded the final song for the album. I am grateful for those memories. Additionally, Marta Zywar (Be Higher) and Monika Krzysztyniak (Falling) contributed with their voices, adding some extra value to my story.
There would not be vocals without lyrics, and that is where my Spanish friend came with his writing talent. Christian Olalla Soler is the one behind lyrics for Be Higher, Insanity, More Of You, and Close Your Eyes. I am grateful for (besides sitting together slightly drunk on a beach in Barcelona writing lyrics in the moonlight – that is how Close Your Eyes was written) that all of the lyrics Christian wrote for the album he wrote for me. He told my story, not his.
As I mentioned in the entering – I never felt the album to be fully done. Out of respect to the people who contributed to Open Your Eyes, I decided to call it done just now and publish an exact version from 2008. Thank you all for this experience. I am sorry for keeping the memory of it to myself for such a long time. I will surely get back to some concepts from this album in the future (as I did with Insanity), as it always will be a part of who I am both as a person and an artist.
I just recently used the Open Your Eyes track as a background for some of my drone footage. You can check it out below.