Tomasz Ł

Dust & Cloud (Synthetic Substance Remix)

I remember well when in 2005, I got my first album as Synthetic Substance done. In 2006 I was looking for a label to get it out there, and I somehow visited a webpage of this one label that greeted me with a fantastic track being played upon a visit. Neurodisc was the label, Sleepthief was the artist, and (if I remember well) Eurydice was the track. That is how I first found out about Justin’s creations.
I never got Neurodisc to release my music and have not reached out to Justin just yet. Still, I become fascinated with some fantastic work of his that resembled me, my very close inspirations such as Delerium / Conjure OneEnigma, some later chillout Mike Oldfield’s creations, and Within Temptation (if you remove most of the guitar riffs).
A few years later, I got the opportunity to remix this little beauty featuring gorgeous vocals of Phildel. I hope you like listening as much as I enjoyed working on it.
31 Dec, 2017
Dust & Cloud (Synthetic Substance Remix)