Tomasz Ł

Music & other passions

At least a few times across this page, I call myself a music producer. I also need to add that I might be the only one to call me that. I do not do it commercially (maybe yet). I put all of my possibly-worth showing creations here on this website for free (I do not monetize this page at all – you will not find a single ad on the entire thing) for playback (and soon for download as well), and that is pretty much it. 
I call music production my passion, but it is much more than that. If you have a chance to read about my (en)ability here, you might also know about specific disabilities that come with it by default, and expressing emotions is one of them. Music has always been a way of expressing these emotions that people do not seem to receive from me. But they are there. Music is not that universal medium, after all. Its reception strongly depends on taste, mood, and even life experience, which brings back memories for a particular set of sounds, etc. Despite this little flaw, I still enjoy the creative process itself, as it takes me to another place (no, I do not do acid). It is always a reality, but my reality.
In music – as in technology – I like to progress. Aside from emotional soundscapes that I compose and produce under Synthetic Substance alias, I experiment with more electronic / EDM music (RevOn alias). I like to work with technical aspects of sound design (however, I know there is a long way to go in front of me), and what could be a better experience than producing a couple of tracks myself?
At least a couple of other things I have lately found highly engaging, and I definitely could consider them passions. I do like electronics. But not like consumer electronics. The real electronics  – with building circuits, coding microcontrollers, exploding triacs, banging your head against the wall because your circuit seems to break laws of physics where the design looks perfect, etc. Oh, and IoT
Another great thing I have found a passion for is flying drones. Or perhaps a more accurate term would be shooting aerial videos. I flew my drone numerous times, but each time I take off with this little thing, I sweat my ass off. It is adrenaline from watching the world from a normally unreachable perspective and responsibility saying, „dude, this is awesome, but you are not alone,” both. I take this into account and try to keep the drone as far away from people as possible (you never know…). Still, this one time, when I was taking a pretty complicated shot rising the drone, rotating it, and lowering the gimbal position simultaneously, some guy started asking questions about my gear. It was not a very good moment for a chat. Sometimes it is much easier to keep the drone away from people rather than myself while piloting. However, the most vital advantage of flying the drone is that it allows you to see the very same place you currently look at from an entirely different perspective. It lets you see things the way you would never see them with your own eyes, which fascinates me the most.
I believe I currently have more than 1 TB of drone footage, captured by me in various places around Poland and Europe, but so far, this has been mostly used as a cheer up on a long autumn/winter night or for keeping the memories alive with friends and close ones. However, this material I plan to use later on as a part of certain music videos or video illustrations for my musical content. For now, I prepared some teasers that are available under the droning category in the blog.
I recently realized that I have never given photography a real go, despite having not-that-bad-for-a-newbie equipment. I took it to try out the night sky shooting, and I was pretty astonished by the results. You might expect something more coming soon here in that matter.
There are many more things that engage me, but there is only one more I would like to mention at this point. It is sports (I hear my physiotherapist and all people aware of how the past few months of my life looked like laughing out loud). I give you that I might not be the best example of passion for sport, but it is kind of like with music – I could not afford to pay proper attention to this passion for quite some time (because partners were more critical), but I already found my way back.
The same goes for sport. I got intensively engaged with other activities, seriously interfering with my health. At a certain point, the sport actually can be dangerous for the body if excessive weight loss happens. However, I already try to deal with that, and I look forward to going back to regular jogging, calisthenics, for warmer season biking, hiking, and for winter (seriously – where is the snow?! Greta? Anybody?) skiing. Oh, and I love water – all year, indoors and outdoors.