Tomasz Ł

Future & plans

For most of us, the future is a big unknown, and I cannot see the future, either. However, I can quite accurately predict the outcome of the actions I take now, based on my knowledge and experience
Therefore, despite having a plan for at least the next ten years, I keep adapting this plan based on the progress. It is rather a set of goals where long story short – each goal is a bar to jump over and raise. The steps I need to take to achieve a particular goal differ according to the level I am on at a specific timeframe. There are different paths to achieve the same goal, which is what freedom of choice means for me. I learned that the longer way I choose, the more experience I get. It does not mean that I do not get lost because it happens. The most important thing is that I will always find my way and get to the goal. Wrong choices with the right approach only strengthen my determination and are still valuable lessons.
I always have this „current activity” that you may read about across this website, but you should know that these activities always lay within this long-term framework plan. They all, however, live their autonomous lives, and you can read more about their future on the relevant pages. This includes projectsmusic, and other activities that I get hooked on. It should give you a bigger picture. If you asked, what my plans for the nearest future are, I would say that at this „increment” of my life, I look forward to working more with partners from outside of Europe. It might give you an idea of what I was doing before just recently raising the bar. This time, I would like to work with companies that define technology as their business. If your first thought here was Silicon Valley as a direction, you are probably right. But I keep my mind open.