Tomasz Ł


It was a significant trip for me, and it took place between 28.04 and 4.06 of 2020. It was a birthday surprise, so I was not even aware of the direction I was taken to. It turned out to be the Pomeranian region, where the sea was just a few steps away to watch the sunset from the beach, with beautiful forests for the bike trips and hikes, and accommodation far from civilization. The first thing in the morning I heard was the singing of birds, and the last in the evening was a crackling sound of the burning campfire. The circumstance of turning 30 gave this experience another dimension, and I was lucky to persist the memories with some drone footage.
I have written a track inspired by aging and growing, and I plan to use this footage with created music, but I will elaborate on that when the project is done. For now, feel free to check out the teaser from the trip.