Tomasz Ł

Launch message

So, here I am, and here it begins. It is not quite how imagined this moment and this message, as I thought it would be a huge thank-you list. Instead, I decided to keep it short and without much thank-yous. Primarily because I feel no one was really there for me. Still, there is always a bright side.
Over five last months that I have spent working on ToLIOinaAmbientinaPixel, and at least a few other experimental projects, I was inviting various people to join me. I did not see any of them responding to invitations. So, I think I have finally defined my message and the actual purpose behind the ToLIO project. This one evening, in the last two weeks, I went to The Cave to clear my mind a bit while writing the content. I lay down on the fatty pillow, closed my eyes, and realized I see more light with my eyes closed, then when they are open, despite the LEDs to be on. From the perspective of this experience, I feel I have built a lighthouse to spread this light. What is the point, you might ask? My failure to interest people to join around any kind of my activities made me see myself as a lonely island. I never got an invitation to their activities as well. This lighthouse might bring some interesting people to the horizon. I know they are there. It is my message.
Additionally, please feel free to report any bugs and issues you will find around the site. I did not get a chance to test the solution with real users (see the first paragraph), so I decided to give it a go on production. Let's call it a beta, but (considering the experimental character of the project and planned development), I am not sure if it will ever leave one.

For now, I think I finally need some rest.